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new to spincitas?

what you need to know

Thinking about trying out a class with Spincitas? Great idea! If you’re entirely new to spin classes, you’ll be glad to know that although your instructor Monica, doesn’t play favorites, she loves the special challenge of working with brand new Citas!

Want to give us a shot? Here are some quick tips:

  • Arrive early: Being comfortable in a spin class is all about the bike you pick. Being comfortable on a bike requires adjustment to the height of the rider. Don’t worry: the Boss Cita and your fellow Spincitas will give you a hand!
  • Don’t expect a relaxed bike ride: Spin classes aren’t a bike ride in the park — they’re a bike ride…with a little X-tra! While balance and peddling are at the center of the experience, being able to last for an entire spin class requires stamina and technique. But that’s why your Boss Cita is here: to give you all the guidance you need to spin like a pro in no time!
  • Bring a towel: At Spincitas, we assure you one thing – you will be sweating! Bringing a towel will help you keep sweat out of your eyes and mouth which ensures your comfort and helps keep you focused.
  • Bring two (2) bottles of water – Ample hydration is key for everyone, but especially if you’re new to Spincitas. It’ll take a few sessions for you to adjust to the intense spin workout, so hydration is a key way to help keep up your endurance so you get the best out of each class.
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what you’ll need for class

Cycling shoes

or sneakers

water or

sports drink





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